Which Types of Dental Implants are Right for You?

Types of dental implants - Sunshine Smiles Dentistry - Implant Dentist Roswell, Georgia
Types of dental implants – Sunshine Smiles Dentistry – Implant Dentist Roswell, Georgia

Losing one’s teeth can sometimes have serious repercussions on an individual’s self-esteem and confidence. People who lose their teeth often become too self-conscious to talk confidently. They also fear smiling without embarrassment. Loss of teeth can also result in secondary health problems. People tend to develop bad eating habits forced by their inability to chew food properly.

Are Dental Implants Helpful?

Dental implants provide such individuals an option for the restoration of the missing teeth. Dental implants also help provide strength and stability by reinstating the missing roots so that chewing the food the patients love is less of a struggle. Additionally, dental implants help maintain the jawbone, support facial features, and prevent bone loss.

The latest dental implants available to patients can embed into the jawbone without the need for messy adhesives. These good quality implants address a lot of common issues faced by the users of traditional dentures, like strength, stability, and speech.

How Many Types of Dental Implants are there?

There are different types of dental implants available depending upon the different needs and requirements of the patients. Your dentist can help you choose the most appropriate implants based on your dental health, and any other afflictions you might be suffering from.

An important thing to keep in mind while evaluating dental implants is that these implants ideally require a patient with a healthy jawbone. It does not matter if you have any jaw teeth or not, as long you have a jawbone that can hold these implants safely.

There are mainly two types of implants, and these are:


Endosteal are the most used type of dental implant and come in threaded, smooth, and bladed styles. These are the most popular, effective, and safe dental implants in use today.

Your dentist will place these titanium screws into your jawbone where they act as artificial roots. Endosteal implants are known to have a stable and natural feel to them.

A patient needs substantial jawbone density to have an endosteal implant inserted.  Patients with a naturally narrow jawbone ridge or one that is worn down due to diseases or trauma might not have sufficient bone required to safely support an endosteal implant.

In such a case, the other option is a subperiosteal implant.


You will rarely see the subperiosteal dental implants in use these days. Their primary function was to hold dentures in place for people with a weak jawbone and less than sufficient bone height.

Subperiosteal implants are typically less stable as they do not go into the jawbone. Only soft tissue holds the subperiosteal implant in place as it rests on top of the bone.  

Your dentist can suggest several techniques to help restore your jawline if it is unable to support dental implants. These procedures rebuild bone to provide a stable and strong foundation for implant-supported teeth.

Contact a local dentist and decide on the type of dental implants for you

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