Professional Dental Cleanings

Despite regular brushing and flossing, plaque may build-up over time in Dental cleanings in Roswell GA - Sunshine Smiles Dentistry Roswell Georgia- Dentist Roswell GAyour teeth, particularly in difficult-to-reach sites. Therefore, periodic dental cleaning by your dentist or hygienist is necessary. A professional dental/teeth cleaning at Sunshine Smiles Dentistry in Roswell, GA will typically include tooth scaling and polishing, and if excessive tartar accumulation is found, a debridement procedure may be performed.
Sunshine Smiles’ highly trained and experienced dental hygienists will employ cutting edge cleaning techniques and use advanced instruments and expert skills to accomplish oral hygiene that is not possible for you to perform on your own at home. A thorough examination of your mouth and teeth will also be conducted along with the professional cleaning.

Sunshine Smiles’ 5-Step Dental Cleaning Process

Step 1: Oral Exam

Prior to the actual cleaning procedure, our dental hygienist will begin with a general physical exam of the mouth. A small mirror will be used to evaluate your gums and teeth for any signs of inflammation or other problems. If a serious concern is noticed, the hygienist will consult with our roswell dentist Dr. Suvidha Sachdeva before going ahead with the cleaning.

Step 2: Scaling

Our hygienist will apply a scaler to remove the plaque build-up and tartar around the gum line and between the teeth. Tartar is tough to remove, and will require more time to scrape thoroughly.

Step 3: Electric Brushing

Once the tartar is completely eliminated, our hygienist will brush and polish your teeth. This is an effective way to remove any leftover fragments of tartar and provide a deep clean.

Step 4: Professional Flossing

Compared to the regular flossing at home, a flossing session with our expert hygienist can achieve far superior results. The hygienist will manage to reach deep in between your teeth and identify any trouble zones where gums could bleed.

Step 5: Fluoride Treatment

Following a thorough rinsing of your mouth after flossing, as a final step, our hygienist will perform a fluoride treatment. This will fortify your teeth and help them combat against cavities for several months to come.