5 Benefits of using Clear Braces

5 Benefits of Using Clear Braces to Straighten Teeth

How many of us can claim ownership to the “perfect” smile, or at least a smile that we feel proud of? Crooked teeth, deformed teeth, protruding teeth, chipped teeth, or simply badly aligned teeth are often the bane of many an American. This is a medical problem, and dental technology has a straightforward and guaranteed solution to it: braces. Here are 5 benefits of using clear braces/aligners.

And yet, how many of us are willing to embrace this solution, especially if we’re past our early teens? Sadly, not many. We look at an increasingly popular alternative to conventional braces.

Clear braces, also referred to as invisible aligners (Invisalign or ClearCorrect), make it both feasible and advantageous to straighten teeth even during adulthood. Read on to discover 5 undeniable benefits of this rising technology.

1.    Clear braces are less obvious and hence less embarrassing

Almost no teen or adult would want to advertise their need for braces in order to rectify teeth misalignment. In fact, traditional metal braces can be uncomfortable and cause embarrassment to some patients. The wearer might even be bestowed with the unfortunate title of being a “metal mouth”! Fortunately, clear braces deliver what they promise – near invisibility of the dental aids used between your teeth, so you can smile without restrictions and with uninhibited glee.

2.    Plastic composition is user-friendly

Yes, clear braces are made from clear plastic (as opposed to clunky metal braces), and hence make it easier to bear daily wear and tear. If you’ve struggled with clearing debris from metal braces, then you can recognize this for the huge advantage it is.

3.    Easily removable and hence more versatile

Conventional metal braces can seem like a one-way street for your teeth, as you’re required to wear them until your teeth are completely straightened. In contrast, clear braces can be easily slid off without a dentist’s supervision, so you can take them off during important events like a work presentation or a social gathering, and slide them back easily when convenient, and without drawing undue attention.

4.    Seamlessly fits into modern lifestyles

Metal braces can restrict what you eat, especially in public. For instance, the last thing you want as an adult is to be caught picking your lunch noodle still stuck between your (metal) teeth! The possibility of this happening with clear braces is significantly lower. You can even remove your braces when eating in public for enhanced comfort. This also makes it easier for cleaning.

5.    Results are quick and progressive

With conventional braces, you often have to wait until the dental aids have reshaped your teeth for visible results. This can be a year or two or even more for many people! Clear aligners may deliver similar results in a relatively shorter period. For this reason, they also need to be refitted by a dentist every 6 weeks, as your teeth visibly changes shape and form in alignment with the braces.

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