5 Tips to Maintain Oral Health in Children

5 tips to maintain Oral Health in Children - Sunshine Smiles Dentistry - Dentist near Roswell, Georgia

As part of National Children’s Dental Health month, here are 5 tips to maintain Oral Health in Children.

Did you know that the month of February is special for your kids’ oral health? The American Dental Association (ADA) has commemorated it as the National Children’s Dental Health Month!

While oral and dental hygiene is important for the young and old alike, children can be more susceptible to attracting germs or tooth decay. In fact, statistics captured at the national level indicate that 20% of American children are likely to suffer with tooth decay, even before they turn 12! Fortunately, childhood is also the best time to detect and fix teeth related disorders.

Also, a few simple tips can go a long way in ensuring the oral health and hygiene of your child, even as you gift them a winning smile for life. Read on, to know more.

Tip 1: Introduce your infant to a real tooth fairy when they turn one

Children start developing (temporary) milk teeth when they are just 6 months old. As they grow older, this set will slowly fall off to be replaced with stronger, permanent teeth. This stage lasts until they are 14 years old. It is hence both ironic and fitting that this charming gap-toothed-phase is also termed the “ugly duckling phase”!

More importantly, this is the time when dentistry is both advisable and advantageous, for addressing tooth deformations and potential of genetic dental disorders (like gum disease). For this reason, the American dental association strongly recommends scheduling your child’s first dentist visit when they are one year old.

Tip 2: Begin brushing when they get their first tooth

Yes, you will need to start brushing your cherub’s teeth, the moment the first one appears! Begin with a soft-bristled toothbrush for infants, with a pea-sized amount of fluoride-free toothpaste. You can even brush with plain water, but it’s important to do this at least twice a day.

Tip 3: Induct them into a daily dental routine at 12 months

Just as you introduce your child to their dentist when they turn one, this is also a good time to inculcate them into a strong dental routine. This should include gentle brushing twice a day (under supervision, until they turn 6-7 years old), the 2-minute brushing rule when they turn 3, and a flossing habit when their (milk) teeth begin to touch.

A good idea is to engage them in picking out their own toothbrush, so they get excited about dental hygiene at a young age.

Tip 4: Don’t forget to help them “fight” cavities

Cavities can be the surprising bane of every child’s life, especially given their natural inclination to sugar during their sweet-toothed phase. Sugar is also the primary reason to insist on your child’s early induction into oral hygiene, as allowing them to go to bed with sugar sticking to their milk teeth, is a sure shot way to invite early tooth decay!

In fact, it is not unreasonable to train your child into brushing their teeth each time they consume a sugary treat. You can even make a game of it so they don’t get bored.

Tip 5: Schedule bi-annual visits with a local dentist to protect their smile

During the early growing years, ADA recommends a visit with your child’s dentist every 6 months. This will help them keep on top of potential problems, including detection of early tooth decay, discussion on dental disorders that run in your family, safe and complete cleaning of milk teeth, etc.

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