When is Tooth Crown Treatment needed?

Do You Really Need Teeth Crown Treatment?

When is tooth Crown treatment needed
When is tooth Crown treatment needed – Sunshine Smiles Dentistry Roswell GA

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped prosthetics that are used to cover the natural tooth which may be chipped, cracked or damaged. These crowns are fixed into place and completely cover the visible part of the existing tooth above the gum line. Dentist generally recommend teeth crown treatment to provide strength and also improve the appearance of weak or damaged teeth.

When is a Dental Crown Necessary?

A dental crown may be necessary for two major purposes – functional reasons or cosmetic reasons.

Functional reasons

Dental crowns help to provide support to a fragmented or decayed tooth. If a tooth has been subjected to repeated fillings on multiple sides, its structure can grow weak, and tooth crowns can support such teeth. If you are missing a tooth, a dental implant can be used to fill the gap, and the implant can be covered with a crown for protection.

Broken teeth can be restored using crowns and teeth worn out by grinding can also be restored with dental crowns. Our Roswell dentist also recommend dental crowns to fortify teeth that have grown brittle after receiving root canal treatment.

Cosmetic reasons

Dental crowns are often used to cover teeth with a unattractive appearance. Teeth that have undergone decay, or stained teeth that do not respond to whitening treatments can be hidden by placing porcelain crowns over them. If you have large spaces between teeth or wish to have your teeth rotated or reshaped, the dentist will recommend the use of dental crowns.

Tooth crowns may also serve as a support for other cosmetic dental treatments or as anchors in dental bridges.

What to Expect From Crown Treatment?

Dentists in Roswell GA provide crowns made of different materials such as ceramics, stainless steel, metal blends and composite resins. To fabricate the crown, the dentist will consider not just your preferences, but also important factors such as the tooth’s location, its visibility when you smile and it’s utility.

Before beginning crown treatment, the dentist will examine the tooth using x-rays. If they find extensive decay or a risk of infection, they may recommend a root canal treatment before the crown treatment.

Steps in Crown Treatment

Crown treatment generally requires multiple sessions.

  • First the dentist will separate the outer tooth part for the crown to fit, removing any decay that may be observed. If support is necessary for the crown, they will construct a supplementary structure.
  • Next, the dentist takes an impression of the affected tooth, and sends it to the crown manufacturer. You will be fitted with a temporary crown until the final crown arrives.
  • In the final stage, the permanent crown is placed with precise adjustments and once you approve its appearance and comfort, the dentist seals it in place.

Atlanta Teeth Crown Treatment

Teeth crown treatment is an extensive procedure and you must undertake it only if really necessary. For an honest appraisal of your dental condition and whether it requires a dental crown, consult the dental experts at Dentist Roswell, GA at 770-998-8116 or fill this online contact form.